ZLIB Tool - OpenG Zip Tools

The lvzip package, commonly referred to as the "OpenG Zip Tools", is the heart of the packaging file format. The package is a pkzip compatable archive with a special Archive Format. For cross platform file compatability there is also an option, on Macinstosh, to convert files to(from) MacBinary format before(after) they are zipped(unzipped). This is available to allow preservation of the resource fork on Macintosh files.

Multiplatform Support

The OpenG Zip Tools achieve multi-platfom support by using a different shared library for each platform.


For Macintosh, the Package Installer must be distributed at Stuffit archive, in order to preserve the resource fork of the OpenG Zip Tools shared library (lvzip.shlb). However, subsequent packages (and lvzip upgrades) may be distributed as .ogp archives and unpacked by the Package Installer.

Linux and Windows

On Linux and Windows the shared libraries do not have the problem experienced with Macintosh. Therefore the installers can be distributed as an archive, shared library, and launcher.

Sun, HP-UX, and other places LabVIEW might run

On other platforms the lvzip shared library must be compiled manually. The source code for the lvzip package is included in the OpenG Package Installer source code package. Download this at http://ogpm.sf.net.