Package Naming and Versioning

Name Format

Package name format: PkgName-MajorVersion.MinorVersion-PkgVersion
for example: ogtkstring-1.2-4

Package Release (Versioning)

A new package release should change its major version number when it is no longer compatable with a previous release. If a package release is compatable with a previous version it should change only it's minor release.

For a package to be compatable with a previous release it must not:

VI Naming

When a new major version is released it should not conflict with a previous release's namespace. This will allow several Major Versions of a package to be installed on a machine.

For this reason the following VI naming prefix should be used: PkgName-MajorVersion VI
for example: ogtkstring-1 Trim

*For long-name support, VIs should be kept distributed inside LLBs until LabVIEW is no longer suported on Mac OS 9.