OpenG Custom Palette

The OpenG Package manager will configure the "default" palettes within the OpenG custom palette view to synchronize with ./OpenG.lib/* subdirectories. Each palette will correspond to an mnu file and the synchronize directory will have the same name as the .mnu file which defines the palette (without.mnu extension). Synchronization of the palettes is achieved via the "Synchronize with Directory" palette attribute. For example, the String palette is defined by string.mnu and is set to synchronize with ./OpenG.lib/string. Some of the .mnu file names are a little confusing, because they were kept very short. If you look at the Supported Palettes table you can easily find the .mnu file, and therefore the synchronized directory, corresponding to a palette.

Supported Palettes

Below is a list of all the palettes that a presently supported by the OpenG Package Manager.

SubPalettes of Functions Palette MNU File
Structures struct.mnu
Numeric math.mnu
Numeric>>Conversion convert.mnu
Numeric>>Trigonometric trig.mnu
Numeric>>Logarithmic log.mnu
Numeric>>Complex complex.mnu
Numeric>>Additional Numeric Constants constant.mnu
Numeric>>Boolean Boolfunc.mnu
String string.mnu
String>>Additional String functions advstring.mnu
String>>String/Number Conversion atlstrng.mnu
String>>String/Array/Path Conversion strcvt.mnu
Array arrclust.mnu
Cluster cluster.mnu
Comparison compare.mnu
Time & Dialog timedlg.mnu
File I/O file.mnu
File I/O>>Binary File VIs binfile.mnu
File I/O>>File Constants filecnst.mnu
File I/O>>Configuration File VIs config.mnu
File I/O>>Advanced File Functions advfile.mnu
Application Control appctl.mnu
Application Control>>Menu lvmenu.mnu
Application Control>>Help help.mnu
Advanced adv.mnu
Advanced>>Data Manipulation advdata.mnu
Advanced>>Data Manipulation>>Variant variant.mnu
Advanced>>Synchronization synch.mnu
Advanced>>Synchronization>>Notification notifier.mnu
Advanced>>Synchronization>>Queue queue.mnu
Advanced>>Synchronization>>Semaphore semaphor.mnu
Advanced>>Synchronization>>Rendezvous rendezvs.mnu
Advanced>>Synchronization>>Occurrences occur.mnu

SubPalettes of Controls Palette MNU File
Numeric 3dnum.mnu
Boolean 3dbool.mnu
String and Path 3dstring.mnu
Array and Cluster 3darray.mnu
List & Table 3dlist.mnu
Graph 3dgraph.mnu
Ring & Enum 3dring.mnu
Refnum 3drefnum.mnu
Dialog Controls dialog.mnu
Decorations 3ddecor.mnu