OpenG Package Manager (OGPM) Overview

The OGPM consists of an API which provides services to higher-level User Interface based tools for pacakge management, such as the Package Builder. The OGPM is keeps a record of the packages installed on a development system. The OGPM database keeps a copy of installed packages in its package repository, and therefore has a record of where installed files are located, which files are documentation, and what dependancies a package has. The OGPM has package query and verification services that allow one to programatically access package information, and verify that the package is installed correctly.

OGPM Design Goals

Package Obtainability


Development System Verification

Development System Configuration Management

A developer should be able to export and import development system configuration settings. These will contain information on what packages are installed and what the dependency tree looks like. A configuration file should be able to be imported on another system and the required packages should be downloaded and installed.

Developers should be able to see which packages are installed and what the package dependency tree looks like.